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After an evaluation of CSB Logistic's current software effort, we worked closely with key members of staff on a new angle. We designed an entirely cloud-based warehouse management system that helps CSB logistics to manage deliveries, organize internal logistics, planning, and forecasting.

The powerful mobile companion app allows warehouse operators and office staff to communicate precisely and quickly.

What's more, Lari supports Alexa and Google Home by using a powerful chatbot. As well as this, the customer has added their own customizable features that are specific to their needs.

"Look no further than Blooware if you are looking for a highly effective and proactive development partner. 

From the very start, they listened, questioned and translated our requirements into a professional project brief. Huw and the team then maintained a systematic but also agile approach throughout the development, testing, and commissioning phases.

The result is a completely cloud-based enterprise management system that will not only transform our internal operations and provide real-time customer engagement, but the AI expertise of Blooware has ensured we are future-proof for at least another generation of intelligent business systems.

Thanks Blooware"
- Matt Barker, CSB Logistics


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Did you know? Lari is our longest running project and as a result has evolved with the industry. It used to be written in .NET but now is 100% Node.js due to the web's growing capabilities and ease of access.


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