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How we brought one of London's key construction logistics companies away from the spreadsheet and into the cloud.





CSB Logistics was our first ever customer. At just age 17 Huw Prosser, our CEO, took on the project single-handedly.

CSB Logistics provides advanced construction logistics services for the London area often consolidating deliveries from around the world before they reach the final destination within Greater London. With thousands of deliveries, every year this operation offers a monumental challenge to any software development company.


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When we were introduced to CSB Logistics they were already heavily relying on technology to operate in the form of spreadsheets and a local server. We took it upon ourselves to optimize and improve these processes using a brand-new cloud portal and fusing it with modern tools such as machine learning, machine vision, and cloud computing.

We are currently in Phase 2 of Lari's development. The system we have developed so far replicates the existing processes CSB Logistics relies heavily on and allows them to organize their data and analyze it in one place from anywhere in the world.

Phase 2 aims to bring new exciting features that will optimize the workflow further including an improved mobile app for the warehouse operators and more intelligent insights into their internal operations such as operational timelines and expense analysis.

We look forward to our continued work with CSB Logistics.


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