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"When you look across a room full of busy people how do you know who is the best person to introduce yourself to?"

This was the number one question we had going into this project. The Netmix app was designed to not only provide a searchable database of people at an event but also give useful suggestions as to who might best to talk to based on your personality, occupation, and more.

Blooware was originally brought onto the Netmix project (Then called Negotium) to provide a professional opinion on if the concept was possible. Once the concept was established as feasible our team took on the mammoth task of building a robust, scalable, and smart app that did everything it promised.

After 6 months of hard work, we met the January 1st deadline and launched the app at the Positive Transformation Initiative dinner along with a presentation from our CEO, Huw Prosser.

Attendees of the charity dinner gave fantastic feedback on the app with over 300 users on the first night on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android. The system generated over 1000 matches and acted as a catalyst for social interaction that evening.


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