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A Survey That Doesn't Suck

How we built a survey to capture market potential in one week.


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screely 1601293742623


We hate surveys as much as the next person but unfortunately if you are to capture market potential some questions need to be asked. Our client wanted to capture the gaming community's opinions on certain topics to form a better future strategy.

In addition to the survey, the client wanted us to capture a video documentary to be used as part of a larger pitch deck. In collaboration with Let Us Create we decided to attend the annual EGX gaming conference at the Excel Centre in London.

We needed to interview key industry leaders and consumers and capture their opinions and ideas. We also needed to keep their interest on record in a non-intrusive way for future product development releases.

The result was an easy 3 step form which captured simple data such as email addresses and allowed interviewees to invite their friends to the client's concept once it was released.

The survey system was designed by Let Us Create and made real by our internal team. With a serverless architecture and simple back-end design, our survey system never experienced any bugs or crashes and was decommissioned after it had reached the end of it's lifespan.


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