From Sci-Fi to reality. We bring the power of artificial intelligence to your business.

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What is AI? In less than 60 seconds.

The power of AI in business. In 60 seconds.

Discovery & Strategy

Identify where the use of artificial intelligence might save your business time and money, or bring a new level of success to your product or service. It all starts with a call. From £99.



Web Apps, API's, Mobile Applications, Databases built differently. LARA generates up to 40% of the code up front. Allowing us to reduce development time and cost. From £3999.


We identify ways artificial intelligence can improve your business or product and then build it.

Discovery & Strategy

Identifying new and existing ways to improve your business by appling AI and a practical strategy to do so.


Designing and building Embedded systems, API's, Web Apps and Mobile Apps that implement AI solutions.


Work closely with businesses to continuously identify opportunities for innovation.